Delete Duplicate records or Select Duplicate records in SQL Server 2008/2005/2000

People may face problem in selecting or deleting duplicate records from database. This is not a new problem; every SQL Developer may face this kind of situation at least once in his/her careers. Now a days, especially after SQL Server 2005, it is becoming really easy to find duplicate records and delete it with the help of CTE (Common Table Expression), basically CTE is introduced in SQL Server 2005 version so long way back in SQL Server 2000, there was no CTE and people were using logical trick to overcome this issues.

I have already written articles on that topic which I want to share with you today.

Click here to look at the trick which works in SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
Click Here to look at the new method with CTE which should work in SQL Server 2005+ version only.

I see many of the .NET developer still now aware with these kinds of techniques and facing problem due to unawareness. This is the main reason I wrote follow up post for my past two articles.

Reference: Ritesh Shah
Note: Microsoft Books online is a default reference of all articles but examples and explanations prepared by Ritesh Shah, founder of

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