Book Review – SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

Well, I am not as qualified in SQL Server as the authors ofthis book (Pinal Dave & Vinod Kumar) though I dare to writemy review for his book as both of the authors are in my favourite list and I don’teven miss any article written by them then how could I miss a book written bythem? After reading the book, I really tempted to share my personal opinion with my blog reader.
“SQL Server Interview Questions and Answer” makes firstimpression that this book is written to prepare you for the interview of DBA orSQL Developer or BI professional but NO, this book is not ONLY for those whoare preparing for an interview, even seasoned developer or DBA could refer thisbook to master the basics which we may avoid or forget over the time butknowing those may create a firm ground for the project we all are working on.
Both of these authors are well known to present hard &difficult concept in very simple yet powerful manner which directly executeINSERT command in your memory without any trigger or exception, just like straitthrown dart pinch in board, this really show very hard work of both authors.
I really impressed with the book for following points.
  • “Points to Ponder” section at the end of each chapter as a Quick references to Joes 2 Pros books (I had privilege to read few of them)
  • Very inspiring quote at the begging of chapters (I enjoy it in Vinod Kumar’s twits too, in twitter)
  • Links to SQLAuthorty’s articles
When I first heard about this book, I though how much morecontent could be there in this book? As Pinal has already written the seriesarticles on this topic but with my surprise, there are LOT MORE to learn inbook so even if you have read all articles on this series in Pinal’s blog, don’thesitate to have this book, you will have so many (80%) new stuffs to look at.
This book scores 10/10 and I personally highly recommend thisbook as a good & quick reference to any professional who are dealing withSQL Server at any level.
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Happy Reading!!!
Reference: Ritesh Shah
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