Extreme-Advice: What is Cloud Computing ?

Well, I have received the question “What is SQL Azure?” many times in an
email and in IT events I go. I generally write blog about SQL Server
but I have not written anything about SQL Azure so far. Before I
actually answer What the SQL Azure is, I have to explain a small bit
about “Cloud” first.

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Reference: Ritesh Shah

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Note: Microsoft Books online is a default reference of all articles but examples and explanations

Extreme-Advice.com: Find Blocking in SQL Server and use it to send an alert

As a DBA, I am always interested to find whether blocking is going on, in my environment or not? How long blocking exists? Which are the queries/SPs creating blocking etc.

Blocking generally occurs when one SQL Server connection (user process or application process) places a lock on a table or a number of rows and a second connection attempts to read or modify the data under the lock by first connection. Depending on the type of the lock, this can cause the second connection to wait until the first connection releases its lock. A blocked connection waits indefinitely for the blocking connection to release its lock.

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Extreme-Advice: Write process in TRASACTION LOG (.LDF) file in SQL Server

I have written one article about Transaction Log File (.LDF) yesterday, today I am presenting one more article on the same subject.

There is a myth going on in the mind of many developers that only DML statement like INSERT/ UPDATE & DELETE are being written in the log file but the truth is that SQL Server writes DDL operation like CREATE TABLE or CREATE INDEX etc. in the log file too.

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Extreme-Advice: Transaction Log File (.LDF) in SQL Server along with ACID property and recover mode of database

SQL Server databases created with two types of file:

Data File (File with extension .MDF/.NDF)

Log File (File with extension .LDF)

Data File can be one or more than one but physical log file will always remain one for each database. You have control over the size of log file but you can’t have more than one physical log file. There are so many mysteries and myth roaming around log file in developer’s mind so I thought to take an initiative to break this ice.

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Extreme-Advice: Find locked table name with duration and count in SQL Server

Finding LOCK table in SQL Server is one of essential task of DBA. Locked table for long time in SQL Server adversary affect on performance of the application, especially in pick business hours.

I have one SQL Server VIEW which help us to find all the table which are being locked currently along with duration since it is being locked.

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