Extreme-Advice : Performance Counter in SQL Server

Performance Counter always helps DBA as well as system administrator to keep watch on performance of Operating System as well as SQL Server. There are thousands of performance counter offered by Windows but I mostly interested in some of the important performance counter related to SQL Server and hence I have created one view which I can use directly from SSMS or from one of web page for monitoring I have.

Keeping a watch on performance, especially in business hours , is one of the mandatory task for any DBA or system administrator. Herewith, I am sharing the TSQL script which can be helpful to any DBA or system administrator who wants to monitor performance of SQL Server & Database along with some of the crucial information about buffer & memory usage, lock & dead lock details and compilation-recompilation & caching.

You can run performance counter from GUI in Windows as well as from DMVs of SQL Server (Given in this article). Performance counter from GUI in windows give lot more counters then we are provided in DMV of SQL Server. Windows’ performance counter intend to keep an eye on every aspect of Windows not only SQL Server but DMV provided in SQL Server will have only those performance counter which are important and necessary to keep a watch on performance of SQL Server instance and its databases. I will cover Performance Counter from Windows GUI sometime later.

Click here to read complete article.

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