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Ritesh Shah is an author of many technical article on Microsoft Technology, especially on SQL-Server, .NET technology like C# and ASP.Net etc. He is having 10+ year of experience in IT industry and working as Consultant Project Leader and Database Administrator.

He is very active community member, you can find him at:



16 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Jenny Says:

    how to put silde-show in asp.net webpage?…please send me c# code…

  2. Jenny Says:

    ok thank you….

  3. Marcus Says:

    Hi Ritesh, thank you for your article on linked servers. Although I have installed ACE 12.0, it is not listed under providers in SQL, have I missed an additional step, or is this an 32/64bit issue? Thanks….marcus

  4. Mike Says:

    Ritesh… Nice site.

    Dig that caption. “Fight the fear of SQL” cool.

  5. Claude Says:

    Hello, i have read the information you have given for the delete multiple row. I pretty green in scripting SQL, so maybe you can help me. I have a database sql 2005 with 48 millions rows. The program send up date to the screen display and sadly it resend all the warning to the history file. I need to get ride of the message of auto expire from the old card.

    So i start to write a script:

    USE A6282010
    DELETE FROM dbo.historyTable WHERE ActionDesc = ‘Auto Expire’

    but as i have millions of line to delete, i know i will fill my hard drive. I recall you have a similar situation to solve. I know i have to create something more aleborate so i don’t fill all my hard drive with the temp db. Can you give me some help please?

    Thank you in advance, Claude.

    • riteshshah Says:

      well, we can’t change the internal process of SQL Server, all I have is few suggestions for you.

      1.) move your tempDB on seperate drive to reduce IO load
      2.) before executing DELETE command, change your database recovery mode to “SIMPLE” if it is not. After DELETE you can change your recovery model back.
      3.) good to execute this command in off hours.
      4.) rather than deleting it in one shot, I would recommend you to do it in batch of may 10K or something and while this operation, keep an eye on disk space.

      Do let me know if you need further help.

  6. Claude Says:

    Hello again, here another script with your suggestion of 10000. My back up is already in simple mode. Let me know if i missed something.

    — A6282010 is my DB with the row to remove
    — dbo.historyTable is my table
    — ActionDesc is the field that i use to select the row to eliminate

    USE A6282010
    DELETE FROM dbo.historyTable WHERE ActionDesc = ‘Auto Expire’

    SELECT TOP 10000 dbo.historyTable
    FROM MyTable
    ORDER BY dbo.historyTable

    SET ROWCOUNT 10000
    DELETE FROM dbo.historyTable

    Thank you for your help!!

    • riteshshah Says:

      you can simply do something like this:

      USE A6282010
      DELETE TOP (10000) FROM dbo.historyTable WHERE ActionDesc = ‘Auto Expire’

      • Ashish Jain Says:

        Hello Sir,
        I am Ashish Jain, I am new to database and i have a lot of interest in SQl, but i am not much aware with it. So please guide me for it. I wanna go for DBA preparation.

      • riteshshah Says:

        Hello Ashish,

        There is no rocket science or short way to become DBA. As per my personal belief, Before learning DBA, you should have to be good SQL Developer which helps you a lot while you work as a DBA.

        As of now, I could suggest you to read some good books, do more and more practical stuff in SQL Server and in any difficulty try to consult someone or try to solve it by yourself.

  7. shiva Says:

    hi ritesh,
    plz send me complete sqlserver notes to my mail…

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