Do I need backup of my database?

If you are working as a DBA or you have responsibility tomaintain your SQL Server database up & running, take my words, you have NOOPTION of full database backup.
Recently I came to know that one person is not taking backupjust because he has RAID and Mirroring setup so he is least worried aboutbackup. Believe me, no matter what redundant hardware / software and highavailability setup you have, you MUST take backup regularly because even goodand up-to-date disaster recovery system could get failed. So, you never know,when and how do you need your latest backup file.
Let us discuss why database backup is really that muchimportant.
Suppose you have high availability solutions like RAID orserver clustering but what if you hardware gets corrupt and may be completedisk array get corrupt? You have to build up your database from backup only.
Sometime, catastrophic events or natural disasters likeflooding, earth quake etc. could damage your hardware or may be complete datacenter and if you have no backup at other location, you have no place to gofor.
May be sometime Security issues comes to the picture andsomebody intentionally or unintentionally damage you data which could beaffected adversely and in that situation you might look for the latest databasebackup to restore that data.
Sometime your OS or even your SQL Server gets corrupted andyou might need to restore data from backup itself.
In short, I would HIGHLY recommend database backup as “Preventionis always better than cure”. So, keep strong backup policies with full databasebackup, differential database backup and transaction log backup, depends onyour need and business policies.
BTW, I am not against the high availability concepts likemirroring, clustering, replication or log shipping. You should implement thosetoo as per your business needs but also MUST keep strong backup policies.
Reference: Ritesh Shah
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