“WHERE” Condition with LIKE in ACCESS:

“WHERE” Condition with LIKE in ACCESS:

Generally we used to work with SQL-Server or ORACLE database so we are very well aware with its SQL syntaxes but when sometime we have to deal with ACCESS database, we don’t care to learn it and use our SQL knowledge in ACCESS database. This might lead to logical or syntax error sometime. Once, I have been asked by one of my colleague that simple LIKE is not working in ACCESS database. I had a quick look of it and found one syntax problem in his SQL statement.

Unlike SQL-Server ACCESS database won’t accept”‘%” wildcard. Rather it will accept “*” (asterisk) sign. So if you want to select data from EMPLOYEE table whose first name starts with “R” then you should go for:

SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE FirstName like ‘R*’

Rather than SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE FirstName like ‘R%’

Second SQL statement is wrong in ACCESS database. It’s a logical error.

Reference: Ritesh Shah