Search latest modified SP and View with its text in SQL Server 2008/2005

Today I have seen interesting question in one forum that how can I find modified Stored Procedure and Views after certain date with its text. Question is really interesting but the answer is really very small T-SQL.
If you use Sys.Objects, you can get list of all available objects in your database. Sys.Object has much important information about that object along with “Modify_Date” but this system view doesn’t contain text of those objects.
Well, in this scenario Object_Defination method comes to rescue us. If you pass Object’s ID in Object_Defination method, it will return Text for that object. So now let me show you short T-SQL for this task.
select name,OBJECT_DEFINITION(object_id),modify_date from sys.objects
where [type] in (‘V’,‘p’)  and convert(varchar,modify_date,112)>‘20090601’

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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