Very successful TechED on Road event on 20th Jun 09

I am very happy and proud to be the part of TechED event held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat –India. I was disappointed when I was not able to go to TechED event held in Hydrabad – India but this Ahmedabad event remove my all disappointment.

Event was really overwhelmed by so many tech people not only from Ahmedabad city, not only from Gujarat state but people came over from different cities and states as well. It was really pleasure to meet so many technical people under one roof.

I was eager to meet both the SQL Server MVPs Mr. Pinal Dave ( and Mr. Jacob Sebastian ( ) . Do you know what my bonus was? I met two industry leader Pinal and Jacob along with .NET MVP Kaushal Parikh. Isn’t is great to have three MVPs under one event in Ahmedabad, Gujarat? Yes, it is.

As long as technical session concern, I liked the speech of both the great speaker Pinal and Jacob and the way they have presented their topic with so much fun yet with great information. I have attended Pinal’s seminar in past but I attended Jacob’s speech first time ever in my life and I am really very impressed with his knowledge as a technocrat and very simple and kind hearted person as a human being. As long as Pinal concern, he is one of the great talented person and very co-operative by nature that I have felt so many time.

SQL Server cheet sheet was one of the attractions there along with the Query Flow chart. We can download cheet sheet from pinal’s personal site but I guess there is no soft copy available for Query Flow chart. I would like to request Jacob and Pinal both to please upload soft copy of the same so whoever was not able to come to event, can have that amazing chart with them.

Now, let me tell you something about arrangement, this is also something I can’t stop myself to write about. It was really so impressive, once again Pinal and Jacob ran out of chair due to great response from the people and it has been arranged very quickly.  Official starting time of event was 13:30, I reach there by 13:20 and you know what, I get chair in last row, people came there by 12:00PM to reserve chair, isn’t it HISTORICAL moment in history of Ahmedabad regarding any technical seminar? I guess it is.

Moreover, there were so many gifts given by organizer, I personally got four gifts for answering questions there.

In short, I really want to thanks everybody who has taken initiative to make this event successful and hope to see this kind of events again and again.

I don’t have much photograph so far but have only one right now when Pinal called me with him to give me one of the gifts. Have a look.

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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TechEd on Road at Ahmedabad on June 20, 2009 Saturday

I was very disappointed when I was not able to attain TechEd event at Hydrabad last time, fortunately One of the good gala event is going to happen in Ahemedabad, heart of Gujarat. Many technology leaders is going to come from all over Gujarat so it would be great opportunity to meet them in-person. I am really eager to meet both the SQL Server MVPs Mr. Pinal Dave ( and Mr. Jacob Sebastian ( 
Here is the highlight of that event.
Date and Time:
June 20, 2009 Saturday 1:45 PM

1:45 – Keynote By Pinal Dave & Jacob Sebastian
2:00 – Microsoft Exchange Server 2010,Windows Server 2008,Virtualization
2:45 – SQL Server Best Practices by Pinal Dave
3:30 – High Tea, Networking Opportunity and Gift Giveaway
4:00 – Understanding Query Execution Flow and Optimization Tips by Jacob Sebastian
4:45 – Data compression in SQL Server by Pinal Dave and Jacob Sebastian

Rock Regency
C.G. Road, Lal Bunglow,

If you have missed TechEd India 2009 at Hyderabad you can now attend the same kind of event inAhmedabad, India on June 20, 2009 Saturday. TechEd on Road is organized in Ahmedabad at Rock Regency a prime location in middle of the city. This event is going to be largest event happening with the brand TechEd in Ahmedabad. If you are technology enthusiast and interested in meeting great people from all over state, this is one event marked for you.

Do show up little early at event around 1:30 PM, if you want good seats and want to meet two MVPs (Pinal Dave and Jacob Sebastian), who will be attending this event. Entry is first come and first serve. Arrive early enough to secure your entry to this FREE event.

Please refer the flayer below for agenda, map of venue, sponsors and giveaway. Yes, there will be lots of gifts and giveaways for everybody.  You can participate in this gala event in many different ways – attendee, volunteers, sponsors. Feel free to send email to pinal ‘at ‘ if there are any question regarding this event.

You can find more details of the event at
Hope to see you there!!!!
Reference: Ritesh Shah
Note: Microsoft Books online is a default reference of all articles but examples and explanations prepared by Ritesh Shah, founder of