presence in BeyondRelational

I am engaged in community service via few different ways like my blog, forums like, Apart from that I used to help people via email and chat too.

I have learned a lot from community in my early stage of career so it is time for me to return something to community and that is why I have planned to help people and share my experience with those who need it via too. is one of the biggest sites when it comes to SQL Server and XML as it is managed by SQL & XML guru Mr. Jacob Sebastian.

I have been active in website since last few months. I am active in following area of

Ask Ritesh: this is my own personal forum in where people come and directly ask me any SQL Server related question. I would be glad to help so don’t hesitate to come there if have any difficulty related to SQL Server and may in .NET.

Quiz Master of SQL Server DBA Quiz 2011: This quiz gives you an opportunity to share your DBA knowledge with community and have chance to win Apple iPad. I am really enjoying these quizzes as a Quiz Master.

Quiz Master of SQL Server BI Quiz 2011: This is really very exciting quiz for community, where I am quiz master.

Quiz Master of .NET General Quiz 2011: This is really very exciting quiz for community, where I am quiz master.

SQL Server TSQL Quiz 2011: I am one of the quiz masters here too. This quiz is going to start from 1st March 2011. You will get chance to win many exciting prices, not only that, you can enhance your TSQL skill by answering there and by reading answer of other experts. My question will be aired on 10th March 2011, don’t forget to answer it. J

SQL Server General Quiz 2010: This was very exciting quiz and I was there as a participant.


2 Responses to “presence in BeyondRelational”

  1. Mushtaq Ahmad Says:

    Hi Ritesh,

    I have an issue with SQL Server 2008 R2. I turned off option AUTO_CLOSE and database also shows it off. When I check windows logs I get event 17137. I don’t like to get database restart because my application drops connection which causes loss of data. I tried to find this issue why so happening but don’t get any support from web.

  2. vijayasimha Says:

    hi good morning this is vijayasimha i need sqldba interviews Questions and Answers

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