Extreme-Advice: Setup development environment for Windows Azure

After explaining what is cloud computing? and essential part of Windows Azure in last few days, many people asked me how they can setup development environment for Windows Azure and how they can test or deploy the application they have created. I got overwhelming response, in form of messages, from the Facebook page of “Extreme-Advice” after keeping above two cloud articles there.

Well, there are many different tools and kits provided by Microsoft to setup your development environment for Windows Azure. Some of the tools are coming in one bundle at the same time you can install it individually as per your requirement. Most of the tools given here, would comes under one bundle itself, now a days , even I have mentioned few of the important part separately just to demonstrate which exact tools comes in use for which purpose.

Here, I will be providing with few of the mandatory tools which you will need to develop Windows Azure application.

Click here to read complete article.

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